A friend of mine left the U.S. of A to spend a year in Europe. Along with her essentials of books and clothes, she filled/stuffed her bags with a variety of food-stuffs. Lots and lots of food-stuff. I was deeply curious to discover what the contents of these food-stuff-bags were. As my friend pulled each item out of the suitcase, I saw bags of brightly coloured, odd-shaped puffy things, which were called cheetos, followed by boxes of powered stuff, a range of (to me) non-recognisable things, bags of chocolate chip cookies (ok, this I can certainly relate to) and then a package of sliced bread.

I watched and said nothing, and watched again.

My first reaction when I saw the bread was to scream out “but Germany has some of the best breads in the world. Why would you bring sliced bread to Europe from the USA?!?!?” But, I refrained from any comment at all.

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