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Welcome to OpusCulinarius TV!
Why Opus and why Culinarius? Simply put, because I love music and I love food!

This program is a suppliment to my blog, which chronicles my experiences, thoughts, and general reflections on that which features most prominently throughout all aspects in my life. That is, food and all things related to it!

On this TV cooking show, I hope to inspire you to incorporate more super-foods into your diet! I hold interviews with practitioners, chefs and culinary artists, to discover their secrets behind preparing foods and I take you along on my market travels wherever I happen to be! Everything I prepare is made exclusively from organic ingredients, either gluten free or vegan and when possible I try to incorporate as many superfoods as possible!

Each episode opens and closes with a favorite piece of mine, so sit back and enjoy!

*The wonderful Logo was created by Annabelle von Sperber!

Flax it up Series

Episode 1: Healthy 3 Grain Crackers

Episode 2: Vanilla Vegan and Gluten Free Muffins

Episode 3: Vegan and Gluten free Banana Bread

Episode 4: Vegan Carrot cake in a Glass Jar

Episode 5: Vegan Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Everything Chocolate

Episode 6: Vegan chocolate Cake-letts

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