Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke is a medical doctor, psychotherapist and author of over 50 books on the topic of health and nutrition. His books greatly inspired my own healing process and I had the greatest honour and pleasure of being able to hold a spontaneous interview with him on his latest book entitled: Peacefood, which is presented in this interview.This book (not yet in English unfortunately), builds on the research presented in the China study and creates a wonderful contextual basis in support of the argument for for maintaining a meat-free diet. Whatever your opinion may be on this matter, this book is a must read and this interview worth a listen.

The following are excepts that I have quoted from Dr. Dahlke:

“For over three decades starting with Disease as a Path; The Healing Power of Illness and all the way through to the reference work “Disease as a Symbol”, I have fought for increased recognition of the role that the soul plays in the development of disease and have been responsible for significantly raising awareness in this regard. This remains important to me; I continue to stand behind it unreservedly……

……Eating colourful vegetables and fruits and knowing how much good they do for “the body” and how little harm they do to others is untainted enjoyment. And life and enjoyment that are not based on the suffering of others feels so much better!

“Peace-Food” summarizes in a language that is understandable for medical novices the most impressive studies on nutrition, which clearly confirm where the healthiest and most enjoyable path is heading. In the meantime, these studies have shown in no uncertain terms just how dangerous animal protein actually is for us and just how attractive doing without it is for our health.

Even though, and in fact precisely because, these are challenging times, it is up to us to use these challenges to take the right steps in the right direction. And the more people are willing to do this, the sooner we can start today to build “a new Earth” and give our development a tremendous kick-start. Food connects our inner and outer worlds and external peace can only be based on inner peace. When we start to care for ourselves with greater sensitivity and feeling, the microcosm of the body and the macrocosm of the world will come back to life to an unprecedented extent.


My favourite quote from St Francis of Assisi, “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace” is admittedly old, but certainly not out of date. We can always choose to take it on board again, and in doing so, to give the greatest gift to ourselves – and additionally to our world in a wonderful way”.

Yours truly

M.D. Ruediger Dahlke