How to Grill the Perfect Hamburger

Hamburgers are probably the best comfort food that everyone loves to munch on. The savory taste and mouth-watering juiciness of each bite leaves you craving for more. Kids and adults alike just can’t seem to have enough of it. Would it be fun to know that you can make your very own perfect hamburger treat without leaving the comforts of your home? Read on and learn the secrets on how to grill the perfect hamburger.

Fresh ingredients is a must to achieve perfect burgers as they bring out all the goodness of each spice you use. The best thing about making your own grilled burgers is the fact that you can make healthy choices on what goes in them. A freshly made burger patty is a must if you want it to be really juicy. A hefty addition of minced onions, black pepper, salt, garlic powder, soy sauce, and some Worcestershire sauce will give you heavenly flavor on your freshly ground beef patty.


The first important step lies on how you handle the meat in making the patty. Bear in mind that less handling means better taste. Most people overwork the mixing of the ingredients in the hopes of letting the flavors mix properly. Unfortunately, while it does gives out an even flavor, it also destroys the consistency of the patty making it fall apart and crumby once it gets cooked. So mix lightly in order to ensure tender and more juicy patties.

Grilling properly the perfectly made patty is the next important task. You only need to remember two things to make this work. Flip the burger only once and never ever press down on the patty against the grill. Flipping the patties over and over will give you uneven char marks and you would end up making it too dry. Plus you are adding risks to make them fall apart. Pressing it against the grill will ooze out all the juices taking away all the flavors and freshness out of it.

Once you have grilled the burger patty into perfection, a generous addition of fresh lettuce, tomato, mayo and american cheese on a wheat bun will give you healthy grilled hamburgers to enjoy, savor and share for the whole family.