3281352702_11049deccf_b..or the way in which you look at things! Are you wearing your happy glasses today?


Although it is spring, my body is still feeling winter. I am freezing, despite the multiple layers I have managed to fit over my body. The incessant cold is really putting me in a lousy mood-and as a new week approaches, I have taken the decision on Monday of this week not to let it bother me. I decided that no matter what is going on outside, I would do everything to make my day wonderfully happy one!

The universe was really testing me out this particular day, because it started off with me stepping right into….well….let us just say that it started off on what could have been interpreted as the wrong foot.

As I left my home, I stepped right into a pool of a dog’s morning glory. I cannot begin to express how anal I am and how utterly disgusted I was at this situation. Instead of freaking out and screaming, pounding my hands at the door in anger and disgust, (which would have been my usual response), I took a deep breathe and smiled (albeit not easily) and continued along my way.

The day went along fairly uneventful until around 4pm when I headed home. I decide to walk instead of taking the tram, and out of nowhere clouds ran in a decided to take a massive shower over Berlin….and by default all over me.

I was absolutely drenched within seconds and the rain had managed to soak through all my papers which I just printed out to work on at home.

As I ran through the streets, (thinking that I would outrun the rain?), I realised just how silly it all was. I was already drenched, and so, I slowed down and just let the rain fall over my head, shoulders, bag, shoes, papers……

I made my warm bath afterwards all the more enjoyable.


After my delightful bath, I dried off and was cozily warm. A friend of mine then called me and was crying over her “miserable” life, the pathetic weather and, and, and. I immediately stopped her and and told her to join me in a meal of comfort. I made a vegan eggplant pie, which hit the spot for both of us. By evening, we were both laughing our heads off.

As I headed to bed, and reflected upon the days’ events, I realised how true it is that we truly create our own misery or happiness. It all indeed a matter of perspective. I had a happy day indeed!


And here is my recipe for my eggplant creation: