Many of my friends are terribly skeptical of the raw-foodie movement, finding it tasteless or resembling nothing at all to that which raw food dishes often claim. I personally love raw food and have spent countless hours in the kitchen using my dehydrator creating various raw breads, cookies and cakes. I cannot at all  agree with the claim that raw food is tasteless. Of course, it ultimately boils-(excuse the pun here), down to the manner in which the food is created. I do, however, at times, disagree with the terminology used within some raw food dishes-such as tacos, or burritos or whatever…taken from cooked food specialties. I feel as if this makes individuals come in with a particular and specific type of expectation, and they ultimately compare it to its cooked-food counterpart. If completely different names were used to identify these wonderful raw-food meals, then I honestly think that many more people would be open to it.

Nonetheless, I just discovered a great website, which appeals very much of my own conscious-living interests (Conscious Living TV)!  I was just flipping through one of my favorite raw-un-cook books by Juliano, a well-known raw-foodist based in California, when I came across this video with Bianca and Michael Alexander interviewing Juliano at his restaurant while he prepares, a delicious “raw taco”. I must say that my mouth was watering while watching the video and I know exactly what I will be making this week!!

Conscious Health: Go Raw in 2010 from Conscious Living TV on Vimeo.

Ps-the picture above is of my latest raw-food creation-sweet raw almond balls. My raw foodie friend makes it and calls it “raw sushi”….hmm, not sure i’m completely convinced….but a delicious treat indeed. I’ll post the recipe in the next post..and in the meantime, if you can think of a better name…do let me know!