Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 21.54.36During my last raw food-week, I was able to succumb to my chocoholisim by creating two raw sweet delights. My first attempts at creating raw chocolate pralines last year were a disaster, and when I found a recipe for chocolate chip cookies in my new book Everyday Raw, by raw food chef, Mathew Kenny, the photos looked convincing enough to give it a try. I must admit, that this recipe is not a quickie. I needed 2 days to create it. On day 1, I made the chocolate morsels (chips) for the cookies and waited for them to dry ( I still have to work on creating the perfect morsel shape…not so great….as you can see in the photos below). On day 2, I made the actual “cooke dough” and then waited for that to dry. As I waited for each element to dry, my expectations rose and rose and rose. I can definitely say that this process was an excellent example of the practice-of-patience.


Once the cookies were finally ready to be eaten on day 2, I caught myself performing, a-meditative-like-procedure-something which I find difficult otherwise. I celebrated my practice of patience by slowly taking out the slightly warmed cookies out of the tray. This was most unlike any other baking-occasion, when I would immediately take the baked good out-piping hot and all..never mind the burning of my fingers….and take a bite into it. This time, however, I took each cookie out of the dehydrator most carefully and placed them..lovingly, onto a serving tray. Each cookie was such a dedicated labour of love, and I honestly treated them as such.


Once they had all landed onto the tray, I meditated over them for a while…observing them, examining the texture, and the colour. I then made some green matcha tea, put my napkin onto my lap and prepared my taste buds for the experience of this 2-day chocolate cookie experiment. I picked one up, broke it in half and decided that the texture was perfect. It was soft and seemingly chewy.

Then… I closed my eyes and took my first bite. I waited a long bit to allow my senses to fully absorb the flavours and textures of this cookie. I then took a second bite….slowly, and mindfully. With each bite, the flavour became more intense. It was hearty, chewy, soft, chocolately, intense, all at once. The oats, and the dark chocolate were perfectly in balance with each other, and I loved the chewy-ness of the cashews and agave….In my highly-pleased-state-of-being, I just sat there on my chair and smiled away. The effort was very much worth it….every single morsel of it!


I ate these cookies more slowly than I had ever eaten anything in my life. I was not about to eat away this long process of work in a matter of seconds. For the subsequent 10 days-I awarded myself a cookie each day and performed the similar ritual of my “chocolate cookie meditation” ….being mindful of all of the time and effort placed into that round disc of joy, being mindful of all of the wonderfully healthy ingredients contained within, and very mindful of the satisfaction this entire experience had created.