Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 20.57.32Wanting desperately to make chocolate chip cookies AGAIN, I was able to hold myself back. So, I made peanut butter cookies instead.

I had actually never made them before, but I had 2 bottles of Peanut butter, which were sitting around waiting to be used up. I had purchased them a few weeks back to make some Asian noodles and had not yet come around to it.

So this was the perfect opportunity to use them up! I associate peanut butter most strongly with my childhood years. My mom used to make the best peanut punch I have ever tasted-a fluffy on the top, creamy, milk-based drink consisting of yes, peanut butter, milk and some honey.

It was just delicious and I always chose to have a peanut punch over a chocolate milkshake. I always thought that the chocolate milkshake lacked the body and creaminess. As I never liked drinking milk as a child, this was really a great way of getting me to consume it.