Coconuts remind me of sunshine, warm weather, palmtrees, blue waters and all that which I currently greatly desire!!! Whenever I got to visit my relatives in Trinidad, the first things that I ALWAYS immediately request are coconut water, sipped directly from the just-opened young coconut and a chicken curry roti, which I will definitely talk about in great detail later on. Once I have my fill of those two things….I know that I have arrived and can look forward to the rest of my stay.

The coconut is also often referred to as the tree of life, and is classifies as “functional food” due to the enormous health properties it contains. I have been using dried coconut to make granola bars, muesli, cakes, cookies and sprinkle over my smoothies.

During my latest visit to NY, I had the chance to eat at the raw restaurant Pure food and wine, and tasted their raw coconut macaroons. They were gorgeously delicious, and I immediately made a promise to myself to make then as soon as I returned home. I did just that and actually made both the raw version and the “cooked” more common version to compare. Its really difficult to say which I like better, however when considering the health factor, then the raw version has the winning edge. Taste-wise, both are awesome and nicely chewy!!

Here is the recipe for the “standard” coconut macaroon: