Category: Cooking 101

Oooh Garlic is so good!

Garlic is one of the popular vegetables around. Despite its smell, it's also has numerous benefits. Here's why we love garlic.

The Day of the Mushroom

They are versatile, amazing and come in several types. We celebrate this month the Day of the Mushroom. Let's learn more about them.

Cooking Seafood

Love to eat fish and other seafood, but afraid to cook it yourself. Well look no further than this guide and some starter dishes to start off with.

All You Need to Know About Rice

Rice is so versatile. You can use it in salads,for cereal and as a main course. Here is more on rice!

The Darker The Berry, The Sweeter The Juice! All about Strawberries!

What's red, sweet and mouth watering good? Well Strawberries are of course. Let's celebrate all things strawberry shall we?

Everything You Want to Know About Shrimp

You can't eat just one. Once you start, you can't stop eating them. But just how many kinds of shrimp are there? What's the difference between prawns and shrimp? Let us...