Churros! Before last summer, I had never actually eaten one before.  I was always maintained a very snobby attitude towards them, deeming them nothing more than unhealthy globs of flour and water deep fried in bad oil. Well, in fact, they are just that. But while in Madrid last summer, I really had little chance of escaping these fried bits of dough. They were everywhere I turned, in cafes, in stands, in bakeries…..every-where. They stood in high competition with all the ham I could not escape either! After my first week, I decided that I should at least taste one before casting judgement.

After having taken my first bite, I decided that I needed a sample of a variety from different locations, such that I could get a good idea of what these things are, and how they are supposed to be. I asked a few Madrileños on the street as to where I could find the absolutely best Churros, and I got a surprisingly unanimous vote for one particular place in the center of town. I headed there immediately and was met by a rather unassuming place.

I even questioned at first site, if I had found the right place. Indeed it was…it was a tiny, dark shop with a small counter behind which everything was prepared. The owner told us that he begins making the Churros at 3am each morning and sells them until 11am.

His shop delivers to all of the local bakeries and those who live nearby come by in the morning for thier share of the frshly freid churrus. Unfortunately, when we arrived it was just minutes to 11am, and they were no longer warm. He gave two to me for free. Two days later, I returned at an earlier hour to get them freshly baked….I mean, deep fried.

Although I will more than likely not eat any of them for a while, the thing that most intrigued me was the combination of the chocolate with the Churros. For my taste, Churros is nothing much without the chocolate. It is really what gives it its allure, its excitement, taste, and well…everything, as far as I am concerned. The accompanying chocolate was more than a delight.

It was more than a hot chocolate, as I had originally assumed. It was a think, dense sauce! So, as I dipped my Churros into the chocolate sauce and took that first bite, I was sold! Honestly, the warm velvety texture of the sauce combined with the crisp, yet tender consistency of the Churros made me smile!!! Although my plan was to take only a bite out of the Churros to get a real idea of what these things were all about, I ended up dipping away into the sauce, taking a bite, dipping away, taking a bite…. until it was all gone! I then headed home and made my own batch!!

Here is a standard recipe tweaked to my liking: