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One Pot Chicken Pot Pie

Here’s a recipe for a favorite, Chicken Pot Pie from!

All Things Celery!

Spread peanut butter on them, cream cheese and also...Butter. Celery is not only one of the best snacks to have but it's also very healthy for you. Here's more on this...

What’s Up With Carrots?

One of the most popular vegetables around. Carrots are chocked full of vitamins and nutrients. Want to be like Bugs Bunny? Then let's take a look at Carrots!

All You Need to Know About Rice

Rice is so versatile. You can use it in salads,for cereal and as a main course. Here is more on rice!

Oooh Garlic is so good!

Garlic is one of the popular vegetables around. Despite its smell, it's also has numerous benefits. Here's why we love garlic.

All About Cucumbers

Cucumbers are low calorie and so good for you. Have as many as you want and have no guilt. Want to know more about them? Here's everything about cucumbers!

Why Pumpkin Should Be an All-Year Thing

Fall is here. With that bring all things pumpkin. But here's a list of why all things pumpkin needs to last all year!

Cranberries, Anyone?

Holiday time is here and who doesn't love the sweet and tangy taste of cranberries? Besides using them in traditional cranberry sauce, here are some very healthy and...

Cookies! Come on and Take a Delicious Bite!

Tis the season for all things cookies! Cookie swaps, cookie contests and more. Here are some of our favorites!

Everything You Want to Know About Shrimp

You can't eat just one. Once you start, you can't stop eating them. But just how many kinds of shrimp are there? What's the difference between prawns and shrimp? Let us...

All About Onions!

There are so many layers to an Onion. From it's health benefits to its taste. Here's a look at the onion.

Chicky, Chicky Chickpeas

What's healthy, full of protein and versatile? Well chickpeas are! What really do we know about them? Here's everything you need to know about them!