3 May, 2012  || 

Hello! I am Paula Laurel and welcome you to My Diary of a Foodie!
Who am I well….that is for you to decide: I am a global nomad, and lived as a child and adult in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. I started my career as a concert pianist, and then moved into music management for a short while (dipping into a few other things in between) before heading over to the UK to complete my Masters and PhD in Education. I then transitioned again into educational consulting, and social entrepreneurship and then…..

By 2006, I was completely burnt-out and terribly fell ill, which radically altered my life. During the period of the illness, I spent days and weeks in bed, feeling terribly depressed, in excruciating pain and feeling sorry for myself.

As a result of a an experience I shared during one of my longer hospital sojourns with an elderly lady, who was rapidly dying of cancer, I was able to find my way back into life-along a journey towards health and purpose. I found this way back….

…in the kitchen-

a place I had loved from my childhood.

My time in the kitchen creating, baking and cooking became my meditation. It became my space to reflect, to breathe, to feel free, to get in touch with my long-lost creativity, to focus on whatever I could to control my health. My kitchen became my life landscape-a reflection of life in general where I was able to apply of of my life-long lessons and new realisations.

My kitchen literally became my place of healing and nourishment for my body, mind and soul. It was the place in which I discovered that life is indeed truly what you make of it and nothing more or less. You put in sugar, you will be sure to get something sweet. You put in bad thoughts and negativity-you will be certain to get that as the outcome.

My Diary of a Foodie is my way of sharing my journey with you the recipes, reflections and insights that have nourished, guided and fed me along my journey to health. I hope that you enjoy this space as you allow yourself to be nourished!

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