7 Unique Chicken Wing Flavors Other Than Buffalo

Almost everyone loves chicken wings, especially the buffalo style that delightfully satiates a craving. A wingette or drumette part of the wing is typically unbreaded, deep-fried or baked, coated in the most sumptuous spices and smothered in sauce. Have you ever tasted anything better? Dare to try these unique wing flavors other than buffalo which may not be as popular, but sure makes for a nice meal!


Teriyaki Chicken Wings

Classic chicken wings topped with fresh teriyaki sauce, giving it a good kick and a queer twist without too much of the hot factor. It’s not as juicy as the usual Asian teriyaki, rather made incredibly crisp to perfection.

Cajun Barbecue Wings

Get the best of both worlds with the cajun barbecue blend. Each sauce has the prowess to satisfy individual preferences, and when mixed together? You get two-in-one savory goodness in a chicken wing that’s out of this world!

Honey Mustard Wings

A sweet and spicy treat that’s a great alternative from the traditional hot, medium or mild buffalo setting. Honey, Dijon and yellow mustard, some cider vinegar, salt and pepper, plus hot sauce tossed together create a dynamite recipe!

Pastrami Chicken Wings

Steaming pastrami sandwiches are awesome, and has made its way to pizza, egg rolls, Chinese buns, tacos, and of course, chicken wings. Rubbed in the same spices used for pastrami, baked then served with thousand island dressing on the side, this unique flavor is just heavenly.

Chocolate Chicken Wings

Indulging in chocolate has never been easier being incorporated in your main course or snack. However, don’t expect it tp be easy on your tongue since it’s often super spicy that steam almost erupts from your ears!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Wings

If you wish to avoid the hot chocolate temptation, why not go for peanut butter and jelly instead? It’s surprisingly tasty in chicken wings, and you’ll never know until you try.

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

Forget buffalo wings, and try these oven baked garlic parmesan style infused with herbs, then lathered or dipped in blue cheese/Dijon mustard sauce.