3 Ways To Cook Your Bacon Crisp

There’s nothing quite like it! Hearing the pan sizzle with pleasure while the bacon inside eagerly awaits for the destined flip; a true feast for sight and sound! No single method of cooking bacon exists. That’s precisely the reason why we, to spice things up a little, decided to give you three different ways to crisp your bacon to perfection. You’re welcome!


1. The Classic Way

You’ve seen this one before; it involves a frying pan and the bacon’s own grease. Remember though to keep your pan cold before laying the
bacon strips in it. Also, populate the pan with bacon strips that, although filling the pan’s surface, do not overlap. Finally, once the strips are crisp
enough, make sure to place them over the paper towel to get some grease off of them.

2. Oven-Baked

They like to keep it a mystery, the restaurants, but their bacon often goes through the process of baking. To cook your bacon restaurant-way, preheat your oven to 350 degrees, and put the bacon laden, slotted broiler tray in it. Beneath the arrangement, you can put a catch tray to soak up the grease. You’ll then want to observe your bacon for 12-15 minutes until it bakes, since there’s a fine line between perfect and over-cooked.The results? Immaculately crisp and flat bacon, with the undesired grease kept to a minimum.

3. Timely Done

It’s not always the case that we may cook a meal and, untroubled by the limits of time, bask in the process. More often than not, time will be a factor. So why not use the ultimate time-saving device, the microwave, to cook the bacon? The essential thing with microwave is that you place at
least three layers of paper towel beneath, and another paper towel on top of your sliced bacon. The main draw card of this method is speed, as your bacon will be cooked in about 5 minutes, depending on your microwave power. That, and no grease to worry about afterwards.