3 Cake Baking Mistakes to Avoid

Baking a cake can be easy as pie when you know what you are doing. With the right knowledge and right ingredients, you may come up with a wonderful looking and delicious bake. However, chances are you might make one of these mistakes which are discussed down below. Read on to become a master baker and surprise your near and dear ones with tasty recipes.


1. Ignoring the items and methods in the recipe

A recipe can also be like a grammar test. If you ignore the parts of speech you are likely to have an incorrect sentence. Similarly if you are making a walnut cake, make sure you measure the walnuts before you put them in the batter.

1 cup walnuts means you have to measure a cup of walnuts before you cut them. When you are following a recipe you have to follow it down to the very last detail. Otherwise your efforts will not be rewarded. Make sure you are using the right quantity of ingredients and putting them in the right order.

2. Checking every now and then on the cake in the oven

One of the most common cake baking mistakes to avoid is to check every now and then on the cake in the oven. You should never open the door of the oven before the cake has set on its own. Otherwise it will result in a sticky incomplete mess of batter and ingredients. Opening the door releases air inside it which makes the batter under-cooked.

3. Using the incorrect baking sheet

Baking sheets come in many types for a variety of baking purposes. Non shiny dark sheets will absorb too much of the heat and will cause cookies or biscuits to burn from the bottom. Insulated baking sheets take a longer time to bake and will end in under-cooked items. Your ideal sheet for baking should be shiny heavy aluminum with no edges on the side.